Jim Howell

Sedgwick County Commissioner

Thank you for this great honor to be your County Commissioner since 2015.
Jim has been married to his wife Leah for 31 years. They enjoy their five adult children, several daughters’-in-law, and four wonderful grandchildren.

Commissioner Howell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management & Leadership from Friends University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Southern Illinois University College of Engineering and an Associates of Science degree in Avionics Systems Technology from the College of the Air Force.

While serving as a Kansas State Representative, Commissioner Howell was the Chair of the South-Central Legislative Delegation and member of the Government Efficiency Committee, House Education Committee, General Government Budget Committee, Federal & State Affairs Committee and Judiciary Committee.

Howell is currently a board member of several organizations and committees. This includes the Kansas State Rifle Association Board of Directors, the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, the Chief Elected Officials Board, and several Veterans’ Organization Boards.

As the longest serving county commissioner, I have an excellent reputation of being a dependable conservative that is prepared, researched, and data driven. I have been instrumental in many great accomplishments for Sedgwick County.

I have held true to these Principles:

  • Small Government/Less Regulation/Personal Freedom/Personal Responsibility
  • Pro-life/Pro Second Amendment/Pro Religious Freedom
  • Common Sense Criminal Justice Reform
  • Voting Integrity
  • Greater Transparency and Accountability
  • Reduce Government Waste/Strive for Effectivity and Efficiency

Let it be known, I am considering a run for re-election and will file for office when you, the voters in my district, put me on the ballot.

There are two ways to file for elected office. Most candidates just pay a filing fee but I choose to ask voters to put me on the ballot by their signatures. I will be meeting with voters across District 5 to see what they think and give them an opportunity to sign my nomination petition. Whenever I collect enough signatures, I will be added to the 2022 ballot.  

If you want to sign the petition or have questions/comments about anything related to my service to Sedgwick County, please email me at VoteJimHowell@gmail.com.

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