Core Republican Values

Government Accountability

County EMS was in chaos due to toxic leadership. Commissioner Howell represented First Responders and the public by holding EMS and county management accountable for results.

Transparent Taxation

County government collects more in taxes when appraised values go up. Commissioner Howell testified for Senate Bill 13, requiring Sedgwick County to notify you before property tax increases are adopted! 

Election Security

Commissioner Howell supported Vote Center Policies to allow Sedgwick County voters to vote at ANY Sedgwick County Poll Site. Howell also testified for current election law that requires that every Ks. election to be audited.

Tough on Crime

Commissioner Howell led the Sedgwick County effort to create a Scrap Metal Database to prevent Catalytic Converters from being sold on the black market.

Criminal Justice Reform

There were approximately 100,000 suspended Drivers Licenses in Sedgwick County due to cascading penalties. Commissioner Howell led the Sedgwick County effort to enable cities and counties to get people back on the road legally.